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Our journey initially began with Made by Kip, during April 2020, from our small kitchen space.

We wanted to share the love of handmade artisan food, the joy that a simple plate of pasta can bring to the table. A trip to Italy without having to leave the comfort of your own home.

We started with only few local deliveries, then slowly expanded as the demand started to increase.

When we started Made by Kip it was honestly just for fun, to be able to do something that we love in all the free time that we found ourselves with. We then asked ourselves, if this is what we love doing, why not do it full time?

That is when we decided to leave our jobs behind and focus entirely on us.

We established Æmilia — bringing you freshly made artisan food straight to your door.

​Each week, we’d share artisan food, handmade by us, from our kitchen to yours.

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